Field Regulations  |  Membership Information

We often get questions on what people need to bring when they come to the field, so we thought we would add a section to give you an idea of what to bring.

Well for starters, if you are under the age of 18, you will need to bring a paintball waiver with you signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Attire - Most of our members dress in camouflage, however there are other members who will dress in dark colored clothing either way it is typically long pants and a long sleeve shirt. An absolute must on our field is close-toed shoes preferably tennis shoes or boots.  We are a woodsball field, so what lives in the woods also lives in our woods like sticks, roots, pine cones, stickers, spiders etc. We do our best to minimize the creepy crawly population but there is a chance they are still around so be aware. Whatever you choose to wear make sure it is comfortable and you don’t mind them getting dirty. Another thing to keep in mind is an extra set of clothes to change into after you are done playing for the day so you do not dirty up yours or your parents vehicle.  

Food/Drinks - We recommend water and/or sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade, something to help keep you hydrated (we also have these for sale). As far as a food is concerned that is up to you, we do not sell any food products. Our field is not located near any restaurants or fast food chains, nor do pizza restaurants delivery this far.  So any entrepreneurs out there keep that in mind for your next business idea (hint, hint).

Equipped Players - Meaning if you have your own hardware, BRING YOUR OWN TOOLS. Whether it is for chornographing your marker or doing a repair, you need tools to do these things. 90% of the time, your marker comes with everything you need from general tasks/maintenance to a complete disassemble there is generally at least one allen wrench for the job. So please remember to bring it with you to the field.

Checklist - Create a checklist for everything you are going to need, especially if you are planning to have a birthday party at the field.  This will assist you to ensure you do not forget anything.

These are just a couple of ideas for you if you are new to our field or new to the sport.