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Regulations of the Field
1. No Foul Language, No Un-Sportsman like conduct
3. Goggles On/Off – Before you pass the sign marked GOGGLES ON going towards the field your goggles must be on your face covering your eyes.  Not propped on your head but covering your eyes.  When you are coming off the field your goggles must be remain on your face until you pass the sign marked GOGGLES OFF     *** AT NO POINT DURING THE COURSE OF THE GAME ARE YOU ALLOWED TO TAKE YOUR GOGGLES OFF ON THE FIELD.
4. Barrel Plugs – While in the safety/staging area, your barrel plug MUST remain on your marker at all times. When you are going towards the field upon entering the field there is a barrel plug sign marked BARREL PLUG OFF. At this point it is safe to take off your barrel plug and place into the container provided or you may place it in your pocket.  When you are coming off the field at that same point you MUST place your barrel plug on your marker.  STOP AND PLACE YOUR BARREL PLUG ON YOUR MARKER.  At NO point are you to walk into the staging/safety area without your barrel plug on your marker. If you are the last person off the field and there are no barrel plugs in the container or in your pocket, place your marker on the ground and locate a referee who will then get you a barrel plug.  It is possible someone may have grabbed a second one by mistake.
5. Blind Shooting – Blind shooting is not allowed.  YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SEE WHERE YOU ARE SHOOTING.  You can hide behind a bunker and look through a crack in the bunker, but you must be able to see where your paint is going.  This prevents anyone from getting hit while walking off the field or observing the game.
6. Fort Bunker – On our field there are three forts; the north, center and east forts.  The north and the center forts each have a bell on them, you must ring the bell in order to eliminate anyone inside these two forts.  At no point are you allowed to run up to the fort and shoot inside of it.  THERE ARE NO FIRE FIGHTS INSIDE THESE TWO FORTS.
7. EAST CQB Fort - Our third fort is our east CQB fort (Close Quarters Battle).  All three stories of this fort are built with this in mind.  In THIS FORT AND THIS FORT ONLY, you are allowed to shoot someone closer than 25ft.  In the third story of this fort, players are allowed to shoot any firing mode i.e. full auto, 3 round burst, ramping, etc.  Once you take one step down from the third story, your marker will be set back to semi-auto, 10 BPS, capped NO EXCEPTIONS.  None of our game play will make you go into this fort, this is completely the player’s choice.
8. Surrender Rule – On our field there is a 25 foot surrender rule.  What this means - if you are able to sneak up on someone ask them surrender.  At that point the person you are asking to surrender has no choice but to surrender.   
9. Elimination Rule – An elimination on our field is anything the size of a quarter anywhere on the person i.e. body, mask, pod packs, etc.  Markers do not count.  If you are behind some brush and the only thing that is coming through is splatter that does not add up to a quarter.  It must hit you and leave paint the size of a quarter.
10. Sign you are out – The universal sign you are eliminated from the game is to point your marker straight up into the air.  DO NOT hide behind a bunker or tree, players may mistake you for being in the game.
11. Friendly Fire – Friendly fire DOES count.  If you are in a game and someone shoots you from behind and the only people behind you are your teammates, if it leaves a spot the size of a quarter it DOES count.
12. Paint Check – If a person calls a paint check the player is no longer apart of the game until a referee or a fellow player can check the player.  DO NOT take this opportunity to advance on the player, you must wait or move on to another opponent until the player is checked and cleared or eliminated from the game.  If it is just you and the other player, then the game will stop until the player is cleared/eliminated by the referee.
13. Marker Problem – During the course of the game, if you are renting equipment from Southern Alabama Paintball, use the paint check rule.  Once you call a paint check, gun problem you are now neutral in the game.  The referee will attempt to fix your marker on the field, if it cannot be fixed your marker will be fixed at the end of the game once in the safety/staging area. If you have your own equipment you MUST fix it on the fly or pull yourself out of the game and fix it.
14. Games – All games are typically 20 minutes long.  At the end of 20 minutes, the game is over for anyone still left on the field.  This prevents players that may have gotten out in the first two minutes of the game waiting a long period of time for the next game.  At the end of game and everyone has made it to the safety/staging area, a ten minute timer is started.  This is a turn around time until the next game.  Take this opportunity to get something to eat, drink, fix your marker, etc.  At the end of this time, the next game goes on the field.
15. Dead Players Don’t Talk – This rule means that if you are eliminated you cannot give out any information to your teammates.  Do not give them locations of opponents.  However, if you are walking by and someone asks you for a paint check, please help our referee’s out and check them.
16. Chrono Speed – Before anyone walks onto the field, all markers MUST go over the chronograph to check the velocity of the marker.  All markers are set to less than 290 feet per second.  If you are over this amount, there is a loud alarm that will alert you.  All electronic markers will be checked to verify they are set to less than 290 FPS and they are on semi-auto, capped at 10 BPS.  If you are shooting first strike rounds, your maximum FPS is 270.  No mixing first strike with standard paintballs.
17. No shooting before or after game play
18. Leaving/Re-entry - You are not allowed to the leave the field get paint and air and re-enter the same game unless otherwise direct.  
19. No Horse playing around the tables, vehicles, buildings
20. Pickup/keep clean trash – Please help us keep the field clean.  Please pickup any trash bags, bottles etc, if you are a smoker field strip your cigarette and discard in the trash cans provided
21. No climbing – No climbing on the sides of any bunkers, buildings, trees, pipes etc.  If there is not a ladder provided do not climb it.  Your feet are ONLY ALLOWED to leave the ground in any of three forts, the water tower or the RV.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
22. Player Hurt – If a player is hurt, hurt to the point where there are broken bones, bleeding, etc call PLAYER DOWN.  Keep repeating man down until one of the referee’s or adults yell “I’ve got it” at that point the game is done.  We will administer first aid, call emergency crews, whatever is necessary to assist the injured player.  DO NOT USE a man down call if you slip and your hopper falls off.  This is only for serious injuries!